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Product Overview

Sustainable Soil Solutions provides the ultimate in natural soil enhancement.

Liquid Fertiliser

An extensive range of liquid fertilisers engineered to deliver nutrients where they are needed quickly and efficiently. There is a range of liquid fertilisers available to suit your specific requirements to deliver the best results.


Given their rich composition of naturally occurring substances humates are now recognised as the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture. We have available a broad range of humates to serve a range of purposes.

Microbial Products

The utilisation of naturally occurring ecological processes in the range of microbial products available is one of the best ways to increase the sustainability of your farming practices. By implementing this range you give you give your soil the best chance to perform.

Microbe Culturing

The use of this range of products will ease the difficulty of nurturing your own beneficial fungi and bacteria to enhance your crop yield. By boosting these processes on your own property you are engaging with one of the most cost effective methods to assist your farm.

Micronised Mineral Suspensions (MMS)

When there is a need to quickly and efficiently introduce specific substances to a plant without any unwanted side effects this range of products is ideal. The use of tiny particles will ensure the best response time for the implementation of plant nutrition.


Consumers are continuously asking for chemical-free foods and this range of natural products will assist farmers in meeting that demand.

Dry Mineral Fertilisers

This range provides a welcome alternative to traditional chemical fertilisers which can be harsh on crops. A range of techniques ensure that results are not compromised but the priorities of sustainability and chemical-free are upheld.
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