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The Garden Shed Nursery Palmwoods

The Garden Shed Nursery Palmwoods
The Railway Shed, 3 Main Street
The Garden Shed Nursery Palmwoods is a boutique nursery that specialises in:
Organic gardening
Sustainable gardens
Food Forestry
Seedings and herbs
Garden Inputs
Soil Testing and advice
Organic products
The Garden Shed Nursery provides everything you need for growing a sustainable garden or start your own Food Forest. We are proud to be associated with the Chemical Free Farmers Association and Food and Agribusiness Network.
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What is Sustainable Gardening?

Establishing a sustainable garden is the process of growing plants and trees that are mostly self-sustainable and require minimal interference from outside resources. Sustainable gardening also means avoiding harsh, unnatural chemicals and relying on natural pest and weed management.

As part of Sustainable Soil Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of soil and natural products to meet all of your sustainable garden needs.
Organic Soil

What is Food Forestry?

Food Forestry is the process of creating a diverse, layered system of edible plants. These layers typically consist of a root layer, groundcover layer, herbaceous layer, shrub layer, vine layer, low tree layer and a tall tree layer that makes up the canopy.

Here at The Garden Shed Nursery, we are able to readily assist in plant and tree selection and the complete establishment of a food forests.

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